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Smart Phone Card Trick demo Videos and photo walk through.

Smart Phone Card Trick Packaging

Smart Phone Card Trick Packaging

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This magic trick can be performed many different ways. These videos show a few different methods but the end result is a selected card is covered with the spectator’s fingerprints and then he or she shuffles their own card back into the deck. The deck is returned to the box and a thumbprint is placed in the center of the box. Using their own NFC enabled phone, they open any camera or barcode scanner and scan their own thumbprint. Their selected card is displayed on their own smartphone and they can take the card they selected with them as a souvenir!

Their selected card

Their fingerprints on the card

Their thumbprint on the box

Their phone scanning the thumbprint

Their selected card shows up on their phone

There you have it!

Smart Phone Card Trick!

(Did we mention it’s not the same card every time you do the trick? It really can be ANY card you choose!)

You can repeat this trick back to back all night and you will have different results each time you perform the effect.

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