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Free Video Magic Lessons

Beginner Magic Lesson 1

Beginner Magic Lesson 2

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Free video magic lessons

Free video magic lessons

Free video magic lessons

Free video magic lessons

Hershey Magic was a brick and mortar magic shop in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, from 2003 until 20010.

Free video magic lessons

Free video magic lessons


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It originated in Hershey in 2003 and moved to a retail location in Harrisburg until we closed in 2010. We also spent one season in Hersheypark. During our crack at the retail business side of magic, we offered an eight week beginner magic lesson class which we taught hundreds of individuals the art of magic. This was a $160 Magic course in person. When we put these videos on DVD we sold the DVD for $39.95 and when we put them online in a pay per view format, they sold for $5.95 per video.

These video magic lessons can be used as a starting point for anyone ages 8 and up. The best magic you will ever find is in books (assuming you don’t have a professional mentor teaching you one on one)! Books are where all of the secrets are hidden… in black and white, in plain sight. If you’re near Lancaster PA I encourage you to visit Almar at Ziggy’s Magic shop. In Baltimore pay a visit to Denny at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (also in Las Vegas) and if you’re “in the city” in NY you don’t want to miss Fantasma. You may even run into some celebrity magicians like Simon Lovell or David Roth just hanging out!

Free Video Magic Lessons by Jack Trades

Free Video Magic Lessons by Jack Trades

Free Video Magic Lessons 7 video series

These videos are free of charge to anyone interested in learning the art of magic

Free Video Magic Lessons by Hershey Magic. Seven video segments allow you to take the course at your own pace. We strongly encourage you to do one lesson a week and then practice all week with the new things you learn before moving on to the next lesson. You will get far more out of the Free Video Magic Lessons by doing that rather than rushing through all seven in one sitting!

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