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Smart Phone Magic Tricks by Keith Hanshaw

Smart phone magic tricks for the SMARTER smart phone!

Smart Phone magic for cutting edge,
newer smart phones!

Looking for a cool, UNIQUE Smart Phone Magic trick that reveals a selected card on the spectators phone? Our Smart Phone Card Trick uses cutting edge technology that is BRAND NEW to the smart phone world. This magic trick is repeatable with DIFFERENT outcomes based on what card is selected.

Smart Phone Magic methods


This smart phone magic trick uses a regular deck of cards, a spectator to choose a card and a spectator with one of the nfc capable smart phones like the Galaxy S III android phone. The spectator selects a card from a deck of cards and places it face down on a table, where everyone can see the card. The poker card guard is placed on the card to prevent it from being compromised. The rest of the deck is put away and the spectator touches his phone to the selected card. The near field communication hardware will “read” the card, determine what card it is and then connect to the internet to find an image of your selected card and display it on the spectators smart phone. Once the card appears on the phone, the spectator flips over the card on the table to show they match.

Another method would be to select a card, look at it, remember it and then shuffle it back into the deck. The magician then returns the deck to its box and asks the spectator to touch their phone to the entire DECK of cards. This method is a little more difficult because now the smart phone magic trick requires the phone to identify the selected card AFTER it’s lost back into the deck! When your phone finds it, the selected card will be revealed on their smart phone.

Smart Phone magic

Smart Phone magic

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Gray Water Ops

Gray Water Ops

This Smart Phone Magic Trick is manufactured by the veterans at Gray Water Ops.

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